Ella Daniel

Data Analyst

Ella Denial is the CEO of, one of Consult Atlas’s technological allies, a company dedicated to providing services to home care and home health care agencies. With a strong background in healthcare and business management, Ella has led to become an industry influencer. Ella Denial’s vision and leadership have helped to provide exceptional care and support to those in need.


Customer Obsession 0%
Ownership 0%
Invent & Simplify 0%
Are Right, A Lot 0%
Learn and Be Curious 0%
Hire & Develop the Best 0%
Insist on the Highest Standards 0%
Think Big 0%
Bias for Action 0%
Frugality 0%
Earn Trust 0%
Dive Deep 0%
Have Backbone, Disagree & Commit 0%
Deliver Results 0%

Proficiency Skills

• Streamlining Processes for Efficiency
• Expertise in Team & Project Management
• Cost Reduction Strategies

• Implementation of Lean Principles
• Strong Organizational Skills
• Proficiency in Model Launches
• Obsolescence Management

• Effective Inventory Management
• Verification of Bill of Materials (BOM)
• Dedication to Continuous Improvement

Consult Me

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Ella Denial Resume & Documents

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