One website to rule them all

Harness the power of AI for Google Ads and Social Media Marketing

For only $300 a year, you can unlock the potential of Google ads, social media, TV, and multimedia paid marketing

At Consult Atlas, our company members will have their profiles featured in paid Google Ads, social media and cable TV campaigns. Consult Atlas will advertise its vetted members because as a not for profit we are committed to informing patients and their families, caregiver and nurses, clinics, hospitals and other care providers who the best providers are in their region. And there is NO EXTRA CHARGE to Consult Atlas company members.

To ensure maximum online and media exposure, Consult Atlas partnered with Google Ads specialists, and AI enhanced website leader  Since 2018, and long before the current buzz around the power of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT, our partner Inc has built and delivered 100’s of websites and website content enhanced using artificial intelligence. And in 2021, was granted two USA patents on the use of AI in remote healthcare monitoring. Also, Consult Atlas members can learn more about contracting for a discounted upgrading of their existing website to an artificial intelligence enhanced website

Consult Atlas is unlike any of other major platforms. There is no monthly fee and no fee at all for leads generated from Consult Atlas co-op ads.  This partnership will run daily targeted campaigns to help generate leads for your business, which you get to keep and nurture.

Do you need financing to upgrade to a AI Enhanced website service? Consult Atlas Micro Lending can now provide you with a custom installment contract to fit your budget. Don’t miss this opportunity to advertise nationally. Just call to learn more!!!

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